Sunday, August 31, 2008

chapter 2..seventeen.

Hi, W is not feeling well. Sian ek. Pape pon, blog tetap blog (nanti ada orang carut!!) huhu. As W said, fashion can be involve in every aspect of your life. Even if u sick. Ta caya? See this.

demam kuning, huhu..

Ok, let's get serious. Being in mag or tv is the best way to promote designer especially for the new one. That is why Seventeen mag did their fabulous effort to feature some of fresh n hip designers in their September issue. The featured designers include names such as Hazwani Osman, Hatta Dolmat, Rizman Ruzaini, Nik Erwan, Khairi Sufi, Anizam Yusof, ZerryZamry , Alex, Alwin n Vincent. Again thanks to Vee, W manage to get some these pics.

huhu. W love white. Smart n clean. On that day, each designer kena bawa 1 creation.
After mix n match n a bit of styling, here is the result.

Combination of leather trench coat with detail evening gown. Fresh look from a fresh designer,
huhu. So go n get Seventeen mag September issue to see the other designers creation now!! (promote nih).

Till then,


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

chapter 1..for the record

Hi!..a perfect worldwide greeting..huhu. For introduction, i'm Hazwani Osman but as a blogger i will address myself as ..W.. maybe W's family n friends tau sbb ape ..kan?...huhu.. For those who still didn't know, W is a fashion designer..developing a label called..

Graduated Diploma in Fashion Design from UiTM Perak in 2003...still remember those sweet memories... UiTM Perak is the best ever...huhu.. Banyak ilmu2 fashion yang priceless kami (my badged including Hatta Dolmat) dapat kat sana.. Thanks to our lovely lecturers En. Faizal Hamid, Pn. Jaime, Cik Din, Pn. Zaharah, En. Rizal n are some of W's diploma collection called Aphrodite's Garden..

Then graduated Degree in Fashion Design from UiTM Shah Alam in 2005.. Also thanks to Cik Kalsom, En. Anas, Pn. Rose, Pn. Liza, Pn Sherry n others...For Degree collection, W created Ancient Mysteries....ok ok la....huhu..

After that W working at Porosus as a Crocodile Leather n Accessories Designer (for info the boutique is at KLCC)...tetapi the post bukan la jiwa ku...huhu. Last only about a year...then quit.. Start doing what W love, W's passion... designing W's own creation...
For the beginning was quite rough...skrg pon still...huhu. Banyak halangan, rintangan, penipuan....sedih..huhu..nangis. Bukan senang na jadi senang...

Alhamdulillah, there were some achievement that makes W proud through out 2006, 2007 n 2008..but the journey is still far away from W's Eden..huhu..

So that's it!! for the reason, this blog is just for W's record toward the journey to success..Insyaallah..n maybe W will give some tips or demonstrate to uolls how fashion is so attach to our life....believe it..huhu.
Till then....
p/s If there is any grammatical mistake just ignore it...i'm just a blogger not a journalist..huhu..